So this weekend I took on the task of getting the frame painted. I decided on blue as we know there will be blue on the body somewhere some how but not the exact paint job.  So this is a good start.   It may all come off later if I decide to get it powder coated but for now I am happy with it.

First I got it out on to the drive way so I could spray it down with some de-greaser and then rinse it off.  Once dry I used a wire brush and cleaned up some surface rust that had shown up.  Then I shot on the primer.  I had seven cans of primer and ran out of that right away.  We stopped by another Walmart and picked up the only three cans they had.  I figured that would be enough.

I was wrong! I was so close to being done and the last can ran out.   We went to another WalMart and they did not have any primer on the shelf.  Then had to go to another one and found they had quite a few, so I bought them all.  I also went ahead and bought more of the blue paint just in case they were going to run out of it too. I am now at $160.00 just for paint and primer.

I let that dry as long as I could but had to shoot the color because it was foretasted to rain over night.  I did not want to leave the frame outside with just primer as it will let the water through and start rusting under the paint.  So last night I shot the blue onto the frame.

Around midnight with the help of my wife I moved the frame back into the garage to where it will probably remain until I get to Go Cart.

It took around 12 cans of primer to get good coverage and around nine and a half cans of blue. It took quite a bit more than I thought it was going to take.  There are a ton of tubes on this frame.