So today I started working on the front suspension. Basically that includes the upper and lower control arms mounted to the frame.  Nothing is torqued though, once I know everything is correct I will pull out the torque wrench and do the final work.  I had three out of four done when the wife called me in for dinner.  Once I hit the AC in the house and had a full stomach that was it for the day.

See the rolling stool on the right side of the photo.  That was a fathers day present from my wife.  It was great to be able to sit on it while doing this low work.  Much better than sitting on a tire or on the creeper.  It saved my back while doing this work.





I will say that this is the tool of the day!  There is a weld on the inside of the mounting tabs for the rear upper control arm.  I had to grind the weld back or it would hit the poly bushing and not let the control arm get into position.  At least FFR was consistent because it was exactly the same on both sides.




I am still waiting on the 1976 Vette to sell.  Once that happens I will be ordering the QA1 shocks for front and back, the rear control arms, and the rear end with breaks.