I was able to work on the front end again last night.

Got the control arms on, grease zerks put on and then I put the spindles and hubs on.  None of the control arms bolts are torqued, but all of the bolts connected to the  spindle are.  I am going to pick up a blue sharpie tonight and start marking the bolts that are torqued that way I will be able to know which ones are done.  I learned that trick from one of the other 33 Hot Rod builders on the FFR forum.



Tonight I need to go by a Sears and buy a 1 3/8″ socket and get a replacement 1/2 drive ratchet.  I have all Craftsman tools and have a drive that will not ratchet in either direction. Thank God for life time warranties.

After that I will go to Auto Zone and borrow a bigger torque wrench for the center hub nut.  Never had anything that my torque wrench could not handle until now.  The hub bolt is larger than any socket I have and it torques to a whopping 235 ft. pounds.


After I got where I was going to the next step I had to stop and move on to painting the front calipers and brackets.  Going with the standard hot rod red for both the caliper and brackets and think it will contrast well with the black spindle.