So went to Mom and Dad’s over the 4th of July weekend and got to snooping through the shop.  I know that both dad and I have some motors and parts in the shop.  I found a Holley Double Pumper and a Weiand intake.  I asked dad about them and he said the came off the 383.   Dad had already offered me the 383 motor for the hot rod but I don’t want to drop anything in it that I can’t track until I get it registered.   I asked him how much he wanted for the intake and carb and he told me to take it.

So now I know what is going to be put on top of the long block that I am pulling from the Vette.  The intake is a Weiand 7546 which is part of their X-CELerator line.  It is a single plane intake that is build for in a range of 1,500-6,800 RPM.  I am not sure what model of Holley carburetor it is but I hope some of the guys from the forum are able to give me that level of detail.