Went back to pulling the engine from the ’89 Vette yesterday.   Pulled the alternator and part of the fuel injection off the car.

Biggest problem is trying to remove bolts from a 28 year old car when the bolts have never been removed before.   Some of them I have shot with WD-40 and am just letting it set for a while.  I hope I’ll be able to get them out tonight and over the weekend.  I would really like to have the motor out this weekend while Alex is in town and can help me.

Next issue is just the frustration of how GM did this.  Part of the bolts are Torques head bolts, part are SAE, and part are metric.  There seems to not be any rhyme or reason to it.  For instance, on the air box behind the throttle body on the drivers side, there was two torques bolts, one standard bolt and one bolt with a shaft on it to hold cables.

I am thinking that I want a tray on wheels to put my tools on because I never know what I am going to need next.