Working on getting the motor out of the Vette and had some disappointing results.


I had to remove the valve covers to be able to get part of the fuel injection off the motor.  As soon as I pulled the first cover I saw that the motor has standard rockers.  I was under the impression that the 89 Corvettes had 1.5 ratio roller rockers.




My son Alex was in town this weekend so I got him to come out and help me.  He originally helped me put the exhaust on the Vette back in 2005.  So it only made since that I have him remove it.

Here we used a “new” automotive tool to cut the hoses on the AC compressor.  Yes, that is a pair of hedge clippers.






We got quite a bit done on pulling the motor.  We had to stop due to it getting so hot.  Once it hit about 97 degrees I started to feel bad and called it for now.