Over the weekend I worked on getting the Vette motor ready to come out.   I have it now where it is six bolts away from coming out.  The four across the top of the motor and transmission and the two motor mount bolts.

Then it is going to take a ton of cleaning.   I will be spending quite a bit of time trying to get off the old power steering fluid that has baked onto the motor.  The front steering rack has always leaked on this car so it just got on the motor and stayed there.


Looks like I will be going through a couple wire wheels on this thing.



After that I will be spending some time trying to get this bolt out.   It stripped out and even thought I can hammer in the next size into the bolt head it is so tight that I have been unable to get it out. I hope I don’t have to drill out the bolt as I don’t want a chance of metal shavings getting in the motor.



After I got done with getting the motor where it is now I cleaned up my tools and put them back on the peg board.  I then started looking at what I need to do to drop the exhaust off the Vette.  It is custom and in one piece from front to back.   I dropped the back of one side to see if I could just push or pull out the front mount but so far it is holding fast.   I need it out of the way to get to the transmission to be able to pull it.

I also want to pull off the cutouts as I would like to use them on the hot rod as well.