Break lines going in, and coming out

  I started on the break lines yesterday only to discover today, while looking at the photos, that the line for the rear breaks will have to come out.  I ended up running it where the line will be in the way of the floor pan. I have read that the body does not hit […]

QA1 Coilovers arrived

Yesterday the shipment from Dan Ruth came in with my QA1 Coilovers. I did not get much time to work on the Hot Rod but I did take a few minutes and got the front shocks and spacers into place.     The bolts are not torqued yet as I am planning on pulling everything […]

A great weekend

  So this weekend was great.  The weather was great and we had nothing planned except for church and dinner out on Saturday.  So from Friday after work until Sunday around 7 p.m. I got to spend most of my time working on the Hot Rod. On Thursday I got the intake and heads off […]

Heads and intake are off

Yesterday I worked on the intake bolts and was able to finally get the intake and heads off the motor.  I still have 4 bolts left to get out of the heads but at least I have more to work with now. I also stopped by O’Reilly Auto and borrowed a ridge reamer.  So today […]

When will this end?

  Trying to get the intake off of the motor.  I ended up with 4 bolts that the head rounded out the torx head.  So off to the bolt extractor set, which twisted off two of the heads before the bolt broke loose.             So I went to the smaller […]

Looking good so far

I am in the process of checking out the motor and so far everything is looking OK. It turns out that the 1989 Corvette L98 motor is only a 2 bolt main. Not a real problem as you don’t really need a 4 bolt main until you start running over 450 horse power.   My […]

The motor is out!

So we finally got some cooler weather and I was able to work on the car this weekend longer than I have before. I got everything off the motor and trans and pushed the engine lift into place.  I got the chain on the heads and put some lift onto the motor to allow me […]

Parts on order

Yesterday I ordered the parts that would allow me to continue on the build of the Hot Rod. QA1 UltraRide Shocks, Front and Back Adjustable Rear Control Arms Power Plus Harness (Wiring Harness) Ignition Switch Cylinder and Keys Air Conditioner with Billet Controls (Classic Auto Air) AC Compressor Polished Polished Aluminum Compressor Lines Everything should […]