So we finally got some cooler weather and I was able to work on the car this weekend longer than I have before.

I got everything off the motor and trans and pushed the engine lift into place.  I got the chain on the heads and put some lift onto the motor to allow me to get the motor mount bolts out of the way.




Once that was done I lifted it a couple inches and went around checking to make sure everything was disconnected as expected.

The pulling of the motor was harder to do than any other one I have done because I was by myself.  It is a lot easier pull a motor when you have someone on both sides watching while lifting it.




Everything looked good and it was time to get it out.  Because I did not have someone to help me take the hood off I had to lift it straight up and out.

I am glad that my lift was able to go high enough to clear the fender well.   For a while I thought I was going to end up destroying the master cylinders but was able to lift it higher and cleared them.





So the motor is out and sitting on the floor. While it was much cooler today it was still hot so I called it a day and went inside.

I already have the flywheel and torque converter separated so tomorrow I think I will split the engine and trans and get the engine on the stand.  From there I can see what it is going to take to get it ready to drop into the hot rod.