I am in the process of checking out the motor and so far everything is looking OK. It turns out that the 1989 Corvette L98 motor is only a 2 bolt main. Not a real problem as you don’t really need a 4 bolt main until you start running over 450 horse power.


My first fear of using this motor was I thought it has been replaced in the Vette and did not match the car. I figured out this morning that all the numbers match and it is the original motor so that is no longer an issue.



The second issue is an odd wear pattern on the camshaft from what I can see from through the crank shaft and block. Now if this had standard hydraulic lifters I would understand the pattern as it has an angle to allow the lifters to rotate.  But this should be a roller cam, so the lifters should never turn and should have an even wear pattern.

So I may be replacing the camshaft and the lifters.  I have also been considering replacing the rockers and going rollers up there as well.



Other more positive news is I really like the oiling system on this car. There is a windage tray between the oil pickup and the crank shaft.






Then there is almost a sump like oil pan on the motor with a compartment for the oil pick up, and another one beside it to control the flow of the oil to the pickup. These items will help make sure that the engine is never ran dry.

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