Trying to get the intake off of the motor.  I ended up with 4 bolts that the head rounded out the torx head.  So off to the bolt extractor set, which twisted off two of the heads before the bolt broke loose.







So I went to the smaller extractor to get the bolt shaft out and I’ll be danged if the bolt extractor did not break in the bolt.  Oh the joys of now trying to drill out the hardened steel bolt extractor along with the bolt.

I will be heading to Sears today to buy some new drill bits so I can drill it out.  The cheap extractor set I bought had good extractor bits but the drill bits were cheap.  They are already dull so I am going to have to replace them.





At least the motor as a whole is looking good.  So far nothing that I will not be able to work with. I would really like to get the heads off though so I can see if I need to have the cylinders machined or not.







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