So this weekend was great.  The weather was great and we had nothing planned except for church and dinner out on Saturday.  So from Friday after work until Sunday around 7 p.m. I got to spend most of my time working on the Hot Rod.

On Thursday I got the intake and heads off the block.  So on Friday I got the broken bolts out of the heads and was able to continue working.  On Saturday I pulled the oil pump, got the pistons out.  I had gone to O’Reilly’s and got one of the loaner Ridge Reamers.  Turns out I did not need it…  Once I got the block cleaned up I noticed there was just about no ridge at all.  So I went ahead and knocked out the pistons.



Then I started putting things back on the motor so I could put it in the frame to get some measurements.


I got the motor onto my lift and started getting it into the frame.  Quite a fun task when doing by myself and with a set of custom motor mounts.  The frame was built for the Ford 4.6L Mustang motor.  Apparently that is a smaller motor and they have the motor mounts in a different place.

The custom motor mounts for putting a SBC in the Hot Rod moves the motor mounts to the middle of the motor.





I did all that just so I could do the next step.  As I said the frame was designed first for a 4.6L motor. Since I am using the Vette motor there are some things that have to be changed.  The electric power steering motor is one of the changes.  I found that the holes are not aligned so I had to make sure that it cleared the oil pan and then mark the new hole.  Once that was done I was able to continue with the work that needed to be done.




Once I got that done I just had to put the intake, carb and valve covers on just to see how the motor is going to work. I think this is going to work great. I do plan on adding a spacer under the carb and there will be a racing scoop on top of it.   I think the height is going to be awesome to have the scoop sticking out of the hood.  When I have a hood on that is.



I took the motor out and started working on the steering. So today I got the power steering motor mounted with all three bolts.  Then started on the linkage.   I had to trim down one of the steering shafts and that took some time.  It required me to get everything going and then fit and refit a few times.

Once I got it to length though it went fairly well.  I was able to get all of the steering linkage done.



This is all the steering linkage from the firewall down to the steering rack.  All in all there are three shafts and and five U-joints.   The electric motor is being used for steering assist instead of a hydraulic power steering pump.




So one thing I noticed that is different from the manual is the power steering.  In the manual there are just three bolts on this side and then the shaft coming from the other side.  The motor that I got has a bushing that goes over the shaft and then has this cover over the bushing.







I then installed the tilt steering column.   I think it looks nice sitting there.








There was still plenty of time left in the day to keep working so I started working on the petal box. I got the break pedal mounted and the master cylinders.






The last thing I did was to mount the break fluid reservoir and to run the break lines to the master cylinders.

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