I opened up the new wire harness yesterday and was going to start running some wires.  What I figured out really quick though was I do not have a sheet metal plate to mount it to.


Apparently when you tell Factory Five to delete the wire harness they also delete the sheet metal.  So now I have to figure out how I am going to mount the fuse panel.





One of the things I like about this harness is the amount of circuits that are available.  It gives me the ability to add things that the stock one does not.  For instance, there is one for the radio, and a CB even.   Not so sure that I will ever have a CB in the hot rod so that is a free circuit.  So is the one for the power seats.




I also like how well everything is labeled.  I don’t know what the stock one for Factory Five looks like but this is a nice touch and will help quite a bit.


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