So even though I don’t yet have a method of mounting the fuse box I still wanted to start on the wiring. At least get things ran where they need to be and put into a wire loom.

I hung the fuse box using some cable ties in the location where it is normally mounted.  This allowed me to start separating the wires into smaller groups.





I found the wire group that runs the back lights, fuel pump and such.  I then fed it into a wire loom. This is one of the task that is also long and tedious but really make things look complete when done.

The wire loom is something that I found on Amazon for $9.99 and it is 1/2″ in diameter and 25′ long.





Once I got the wire loom pulled over the wires I ran a small strip of heat shrink tube and shrank it down to hold it into place and to keep the loom from fraying.

There are five wires in this little group and I think that I can probably get a couple more wires into it, if needed.








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