So this weekend I started off working on the motor. This was the first thing that I had to contend with. One of the fly wheel bolts rounded off.   I had to drill it out to be able to get the flywheel off the crank.





I have decided to just replace the crankshaft instead of trying to get this one machined.  I figured that by the time I pay for the machining of the crank I am already close to the cost of a new\referb one.  The ones from O’Reilly are $179. 99 and include both the main and rod bearings that are sized for the crank.







So here is the new one that is all shiny and ready to be dropped into the block.  Sadly though I have to wait as once I got the crank out of the way I could see the inside cam bearings much better.  They are discolored and look like they have seen some major heat on them.  So I am going to have to knock out the bearings and put some new ones in.






So once the crank was pulled I put the block on the dolly and rolled it out to the drive way and gave it a good cleaning.  It’s amazing what a little de-greaser, water, an air compressor, and a wire wheel on a drill can do.





I then grabbed the borrowed hone and went to work on the cylinders to get that nice cross hatch pattern for the oil rings to ride on.  I had my wife help me on this one by squirting the oil into the cylinder while I was running the drill and hone.






Since I am waiting on the Camshaft bearings before I put in the crank and pistons I figured I might as well take this time to put some color on the motor.  Good ole Chevy Orange for this small block.  But once SWMBO saw it she did not like it. She thinks it needs to be painted to match the car or the frame.   We will see….






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