Now for the next problem

See the lip at the top of the head where the valve covers set. I discovered last night that when I set the intake on to cover up all the holes that it was not fitting right. I put the intake gaskets on the heads and set the intake back on. The lips on the […]

Pistons done and Heads are on

I got the issue with the rod cap seizing the motor.  Most of the time I was doing one piston at a time and one side at a time. But for some reason I thought I would get things faster if I prepped more than one piston\rod at a time.  While researching the issue I […]

Pistons are in (Mostly)

So yesterday on the way to work I stopped at City Motor Supply and picked up the connecting rods and pistons.  Just made sure there were 8 of them and that the pistons moved on a couple and put them into the car. Was surprised when I got home with them to find out that […]

Rods are being replaced.

So I found that while I was pressing the wrist pins put I bent a couple of the rods. So I drove over to O’Reilly auto to find that they do not carry connecting rods for a Gen I 350 small block Chevy motor. They sell cranks and pistons but not the rods? What’s up […]

Do a little dance

After picking up the block and pistons I stopped at the Chinese Slave Labor Tool company (Harbor Freight) and picked up a press. After the work last night I put the press together and pressed out the wrist pins from the connecting rods. Once I got it together and started working on getting to the […]

The motor assembly begins… Again

So since I had everything I started work on putting the motor back together. I had the crank and cam standing in the garage and I have been worried about them falling over and getting dinged. So I went ahead and put them in the block. I did not torque the main caps as I […]

New Pistons

Since I had them bore the motor .030 over I knew I was going to have to buy new pistons and rings. I asked them about it and they sell them as well. So I picked up a set of 30 over Federal pistons and a set of Hastings rings.     What is nice […]

The Engine is back!

It’s like Christmas around here, so get ready for a little bit of engine porn as most of the pictures here have a nude motor in it.  So yesterday I got the call that my engine was finished at the machine shop and could pick it up at any time. So on the way home […]

Work continues

  So after I got the block ready for the machine work it was early enough I could keep working.  I put sand into my new sandblaster and cleaned and painted some of the parts I will be using.                 I finished drilling the floor pan for the […]

Having to rewind on the motor

After several tries of getting the pistons into the block I have decided that it is going to have to be machined.  I dropped by City Motor Supply this morning to make arrangements for the work to be done. They are going to bore it .030 over and then hone the cylinder.  They are also […]

Engine being built

I started rebuilding the engine yesterday. Got the main bearing and camshaft bearing saddles all cleaned up and then gave the main caps a good cleaning as well. Put in the bearings with a good coating of assembly lube and torqued the first four main caps to 70 ft/lbs. Torqued the last cap to about […]