I started rebuilding the engine yesterday. Got the main bearing and camshaft bearing saddles all cleaned up and then gave the main caps a good cleaning as well. Put in the bearings with a good coating of assembly lube and torqued the first four main caps to 70 ft/lbs. Torqued the last cap to about 15 ft/lbs and then whacked it front and back with a hammer to set it into the thrust bearing and then did the final torque on the cap and redid the others as well.


After that I grabbed the Cam bearing tool and knocked in the new cam bearings.  I then put the cam shaft “freeze plug” and then put the new cam in.

I think I am going to have to flip that cam retainer over though. The other side is the shiny side that the timing gear rides on.

Once I was done with this I started cleaning the pistons getting them ready for rings.  I think that tonight I may be dropping the pistons in.

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