After picking up the block and pistons I stopped at the Chinese Slave Labor Tool company (Harbor Freight) and picked up a press. After the work last night I put the press together and pressed out the wrist pins from the connecting rods. Once I got it together and started working on getting to the rods I for some reason did not take any photos.  I guess it was because I did not have a hand free to take any photos.

I did get the pistons off all eight rods and they are sitting on the bench waiting for the new pistons.

I did learn two things while doing this. One, a Craftsman 6″ extension from a 1/2″ drive is the perfect ram for the wrist pin. Second. the 12,000 pound press from the Chinese Slave Labor Tool company is crap. I know they don’t have a great reputation for tools but normally you can use them for their intended purposes for a while before they break. Not with this press. I did get the 8 pins out but not with out some real work.

Once I started putting any pressure on the ram the entire body of the press would start to shift and bind. Once I figured out how to resolve it I was able to press out the last six pins but not without a special dance. I would have to stand up and place a foot on the right hand side of the base of the stand, then a hand on the top right hand side of the frame. As I would pump the jack to put pressure on the ram I would have to push the top of the frame over to the left. Once some pressure was applied I would then have to life the arbor surface on the right hand side to keep the part level.

Trust me when I say that I had all the bolts on the frame right and level. I even used a 4′ bubble level to make sure the uprights were level. I am going to be returning this press as I don’t think there is anything that I would be able to use it with.

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