So I found that while I was pressing the wrist pins put I bent a couple of the rods. So I drove over to O’Reilly auto to find that they do not carry connecting rods for a Gen I 350 small block Chevy motor. They sell cranks and pistons but not the rods? What’s up with that.

I guess they are not alone though because neither does AutoZone or Nappa Auto. How is it they don’t sell connecting rods but everything else in a motor?

So I was planning on going to Summit Racing and getting a set but decided to call City Motor Supply first. Turns out they have the rods I need for $19.00 each which comes to $152.00 for a full set. I went ahead and asked them how much to press them onto a set of pistons and they said $10 each. Can’t really beat a deal like that as it would take quite a bit of my time to do it myself. So I dropped them off this morning at 8 a.m. and they said they would be ready around noon.

So while waiting for all of that I went ahead and painted the block orange again.  I coated the freeze plugs with some Vaseline which allowed me to shoot on the paint without worrying about having to tape them up.






I also tossed the intake into the sandblaster to clean it up.  Considering what it looked like before it went in I think it came out looking good.   I do need to put it back in and clean up the inside threads of the heater hose connections though.  But that will not be a big issue.






We also had some family coming over that wanted to see the progress of the car so I put the heads, intake, carb and scoop onto the block.  That way they would have a complete picture of what the engine would look like.

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