Last night I pulled out the transmission and cleaned it up with some de-greaser. It took a while to get all the oil and power steering fluid off of it from all the leaks the 89 Vette had.

Once cleaned and blown dry I bolted it to the motor and got it on to the hoist.




After lifting it up over the frame I was able to spin the hoist around and get it lined up.








It took some time since I was doing the work by myself but I got it into the frame and bolted up the motor mounts. Once in I put the carb and scoop onto the motor and put the grill assembly back in place.  I just have the grill in with the bolts and a lose set of nuts as I have to pull it off again to complete some work on it.  But I wanted to put it into place just to get a few photos.






So here are a few more photos of the motor with the grill in place.



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