Transmission In and Floor pans drilled.

On Sunday I started feeling well enough to get back to work on the Hot Rod. I marked where the bolts needed to be and moved the transmission over and drilled them out. I got them wrong the first time and had to open up the bolt holes to get them right.  Finally got them […]

Transmission in – For now

Last night I pulled out the welder and gave welding a shot.  It’s not a great looking weld but it is holding and should work great.  After letting it cool and wire brushing it I gave it a few good whacks with a hammer.  It is a solid weld and I can’t hear any changes […]

Rear Brakes Installed

I was searching on the web for a good price on rear brakes and came across a deal I could not pass up.   I was originally thinking about going with O’reilly’s Auto because they had calipers for about $62.00 each. But there was a $50.00 core charge with each one and I don’t have anything […]

Transmission Mount

Started working on a new transmission mount over the weekend.  It is required due to the transmission of the ’89 Corvette has a shorter tail shaft and has a different mounting method.   So I cut this one from some 1/4″ steel plate. I will have to have someone come and do some welding for me […]