I was searching on the web for a good price on rear brakes and came across a deal I could not pass up.   I was originally thinking about going with O’reilly’s Auto because they had calipers for about $62.00 each. But there was a $50.00 core charge with each one and I don’t have anything to give them as a core.  So that would come to $224.00 for the pair and I would still have to buy the rotor and the pads.




What I found instead was a kit from Power Stop on the Summit Racing web site. This one included the calipers, brackets, rotors and the pads.  Everything but the bolts and I had them from where I bought the rear end.  They were priced at $237.00 so it was already cheaper that going the Oreilly route.

The calipers and brackets are powder coated red and look great.  They also came with the crush washers, bleeder valves and an additional set of boots.



I did a quick Google on the part number and found that Rock Auto had them even cheaper.  I chatted with a CSR at summit and they matched their price plus their shipping cost.  So I ended up getting the brakes for both sides of the Hot Rod for $208.88.


And don’t lecture me on how I should buy local.  I live in the North Dallas area and Summit Racing is a local.  🙂   Only about a 25 minute drive from where I work.

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