On Sunday I started feeling well enough to get back to work on the Hot Rod. I marked where the bolts needed to be and moved the transmission over and drilled them out. I got them wrong the first time and had to open up the bolt holes to get them right.  Finally got them in and it looks centered but I still need to pull out the laser and do a final check on it.  If I do have to adjust it, there should not be much of a change.  So I went ahead and painted the transmission mount to keep the rust off of it.

Once I got that in place I put the floor pans back on the frame and finished drilling all the holes. I still have about six left to drill. Four of them are right by the end of the transmission. I did not drill them so I would not get metal shavings in the wet paint. The other holes are up in the front and currently the AC unit is in the way of getting the holes drilled.



All in all I think it is coming together nicely.   Starting to look more and more like a car.   As soon as the weather co-operates I will shoot on the lizard skin on the floor pans.


Next I am going to start working on getting the motor ready to start.   I need to add the parts to the front of the motor and then digging more into the wiring.