One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back

  So on Sunday the motor was in and the headers on and everything was looking good until I tried to turn the crank. It would not move. I figured it was the torque converter (TC) not being seated and started to pull the motor again. So, I had to pull the headers, the distributor, […]

Headers are on, soon to be off.

So yesterday I got to install the Summit Racing headers that came in. I also installed the pugs and plug wires to see how everything was going to look. I bought the black non-High temp painted headers because the ones that are powder coated lost their warranty if used for breaking in a motor. I […]

For want of brackets

I wanted to start mounting everything on front of the motor so I could finally get it started.  I started digging thought all of the brackets I removed from the Vette before pulling the motor.  I could not find any brackets for the alternator. I went back and looked at the pictures I took before […]

Spark Plug Wires

  I finally found a set of wire looms that I liked and that fit the center bolt valve covers.  So I got them mounted and the stabbed the distributor and started fitting the plug wires. Once I got here I took the pictures and then put the ends and boots on the other end […]