I wanted to start mounting everything on front of the motor so I could finally get it started.  I started digging thought all of the brackets I removed from the Vette before pulling the motor.  I could not find any brackets for the alternator.

I went back and looked at the pictures I took before I pulled the Vette apart.  (Best thing to ever do is take before, during and after photos when doing something like this.)

What I found was the alternator does not have any brackets of its own.  For the lower mount it uses the bracket for the power steering pump, which is not being used.  The upper mount is the bracket for the air pump, also not being used.

The power steering bracket, pictured left, can probably be used and I am going to try it out first.  I am going to grind off the section that holds the power steering. It should hold just fine but then I have to figure out what I can use to hold the upper end of the alternator.


Then I get to figure out if I can use this stock bracket for the new AC compressor.  Boy this one is UGLY and BIG.  I may be trimming off quite a bit of this one too since I have a small Sanden compressor to go in its place.