So yesterday I got to install the Summit Racing headers that came in. I also installed the pugs and plug wires to see how everything was going to look.

I bought the black non-High temp painted headers because the ones that are powder coated lost their warranty if used for breaking in a motor. I figured that for $119.00 I could break in the motor and then take them to be powder coated. Or I might find out that I hate them and have a set made for me.



My biggest problem now is after I took the pictures I decided that I was going to redo the lash for the rocker arms. I think they were way to tight the way I had done it. So I pulled the distributor, the plug wires, plugs and the valve covers and started to loosen up the rocker bolts. I could get all but three lose and went to turn the motor over so I could get the other three and then get the pistons into place to start setting the valve lash.



No joy… I put the socket on the crankshaft bolt and even with an 18″ break over and a cheater bar all I could do was tighten up the bolt. The motor would not turn. This was when I thought to call dad but then I got depressed and just cleaned up and went inside.