As promised I did get some additional pictures of the headlights. They are a Union Pacific combo unit with LED turn signals and parking lights built in. That way I don’t have to have more lights mounted on the cars front end.

The buckets had to be modified because the lights are not made for a flush mount so I had to grind slots for the tabs to sit in. Once the mounting ring was put on none of the modifications could be seen.




The post that mounts the buckets had to be modified too as it was not big enough to let all the wires pass through. I drilled them out and was finally able to mount them on the radiator support arms.

Since I am not going to be running side panels or a hood I was able to put them where ever I wanted them.

Another issue I have witch I have to resolve tonight is the wiring.  The headlights don’t have anything showing the wiring, I guessed and guessed wrong.



I had to do a bit of research but finally have the wiring requirements.

Headlight Wiring

White = Ground
Red = High Beam
Black = Low Beam

LED Wiring

White = Ground
Black = Parking Lights
Red = Turn Signal


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