I had to get up early early on Sunday morning, up at like 5 a.m., so the crew could get here and replace a failed AC unit at the house. So I went outside and worked in the garage since it was just as hot inside. (It was up to 82 in the morning when we got there at 6 a.m.) I was able to shoot the ceramic insulation on my sheet metal on one side. I hope that soon I will be able to shoot it onto the inside of the floor pans.

No pictures today because the ceramic insulation looks almost identical to the sound control except it is a little closer to black.

My biggest problem working on the car right now is the heat. I will normally work on the car and then call it a day when it reaches 95 degrees. Yesterday that meant I went inside at 10:30 a.m.! It reached a high of 109 yesterday and that is just too hot to be outside. Makes me want to put an AC in the garage but after spending $5,000 to have the one on the house replaced I realize that I don’t want to spend that much on the garage.

After cleaning up the Lizard Skin sprayer I did get to play with the new pressure washer. Washed the daily driver and then used it to clean up part of the driveway. It was normally priced at $225.00 but I got it on Amazon prime day for $112.00. It is going to really speed up some of the clean up jobs around here. I figure that after sanding the body of the hot rod that the pressure washer will really clean out the nooks and crannies better than just a garden hose and nozzle.

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