I got back to the wiring now that I have the body on hand. When we set the body on the frame I saw right away that I was going to have to move my fuse box. The body was sitting on it and it was showing. So I unscrewed it from the frame and pulled it back over to the middle of the car. Currently it is sitting in the middle of the floor while I try and figure out where to put it, and have it accessible.

I have wired up the ignition switch, the dimmer switch, the front lights and most of the engine.





Once I got to this point I started wiring up the control unit for my gauge cluster. It’s a Dakota Digital unit and all the sensor wires goes to it, and then a single cat-5 cable goes to the cluster.





As you can probably tell, I have finished coating the floor pans with the Lizard Skin, both sound and heat control, and put them into place. They are not riveted in yet as I have some cutting to do. When I put in the exhaust I found that I had to put spacers under the tail shaft of the transmission.  That raised it just enough that I need to trim some of the floor pan where it hits.


I also just sit the transmission cover into place to see how it fits and I have some trimming to do on it as well. I am going to have to cut where the shifter comes up because the hole is not wide enough.

I may also do what some others have done and make some cuts in the cover over by the accelerator pedal. Once cut, moved and re-glassed it gives a bit more foot room. I am only 5′ 8″ so there is not really much of an issue but it might be nice for others if I let them drive.

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