I did a little surfing yesterday and found some deals.  I was going to wait and buy the tires later with the wheels but the deals were on time limits.

So, went and picked up some Micky Thompson tires at Summit Racing last night.  Glad I waited and took the Durango as I don’t think the rear tires would have fit anywhere in my Challenger.


The fronts are 26″ X 8″ and will be on 18″ rims.  The rear tires are 29″ X 18″ and will be on 20″ rims.

No I just need to buy the wheels that they will go onto.  I am currently looking at a set of Custom Burnouts on WheelsForLess.com but that might change. I was originally thinking about some Foose wheels but it looks like they don’t do anything in the 20″ X 15″ size range.