This weekend the weather was awesome, versus being 98 or higher.  I was able to get into the garage and work on the Hot Rod both Saturday and Sunday for quite a while.

The first thing I worked on was the wiring and figuring out where to mount it.  A quick trip to Lowes got me some sheet metal that I was able to cut to size and then bend using my vice.  I mounted the fuse panel and then cut another piece out and mounted it over the top of the fuse box mount.



I am using that spot to mount the control until for the Dakota Digital gauge cluster. Now I will have to go in and reconnect all the sensor leads as the wires are way too long now.  I don’t want a rats nest of wires under the dash.







Once I got to this point I pulled the transmission cover and passenger side floor pan so I could trim them. I needed to trim the floor pan where it hits the transmission. The transmission cover had to be trimmed to clear the shifter where it comes out. I also noticed that I am going to have to pull it again because the bolt that connects to the shifter on the side of the transmission is dragging on the cover. I am going to have to flip the bolt around so the head is closer to the cover.

With the floor pan off I was again able to do more work on the exhaust. I had put the exhaust on a while back but I never did the exhaust hangers that connect to the frame. I know that the manual says to drill holes and bolt it on but I don’t like the idea of drilling holes in the frame. So I pulled out the wire welder and did an ugly job of welding the exhaust hangers onto the frame. There are also welds on the top of the mount as well. It’s ugly but it stands up to some good whacks with the hammer so I think it will work ok.  I am going to have to do this on the other side of the car as well. So I am not quite ready to rivet in the floor pans just yet.

While this was cooling I grabbed my riveter and put the rivets into the sheet metal on the back of the cab. I still have to rivet in the “access panel” to the  back of the cab. Since I am planning on putting my battery in the trunk I don’t need to worry about pulling that panel back off, so it will be riveted in. I also finished the riveting of the sheet metal under the fuel tank.






I then pulled the sheet metal for the trunk area and tacked it into place with some clecos. This let me start drilling rivet holes in that metal to get it ready to eventually go in.



I also cleaned up the garage some and cleared out some room on the storage loft and moved the tires up and out of the way. At one time I was worried that I was not going with small enough tires for the front. I was thinking that I was not going to get the fat\skinny look that I want. I don’t think I am going to have a problem with that. 

Now I am going to complete the wiring, mount and wire the power steering control unit, wire the AC unit, and run the AC lines out to the front of the firewall. Once done with that I can start getting ready to put the body on. (and off, and on, and off, and on)