So it has been a while but I have gotten some work done on it.  I pulled the body off the saw horses and got it onto the frame.  


 I clamped it to the firewall and then measured the dash to the cowl and set it at the required 45.5″. I put the spacers in between frame and the body back at the trunk.










This allowed me to finally get the required measurements for my wheels. I put my ruler across the rotor.  This put the ruler where I could measure from the rulers edge to the body of the car. 





I ordered the wheels on Nov 28th and it should take them four to six weeks to get them built and delivered.

I went with the Custom Burnouts from American Racing. 

Rear 29X15 20″ Rims with a 6.5″ off-set

Front 26X8 18″ Rims with a 3.5″ off-set 

The wheels will be the MT tires that I posted about earlier.