Work is still going. I had actually not worked on the car it’self in a while but after reading “I almost gave up” I went out and worked on the car last night after work. As I posted last time I pulled the motor once again to get a few things done.

Well last night I got it back in, put the carb and breather back on and put the shifter back on.





I then put the tires on the car and made it a roller for the first time. It only took a year and a half to get it to a roller. But that was really due to waiting to know exactly which tires and wheels I wanted.



So here is the question. I put the wheels on and set it on the ground. The body is just sitting on frame and not bolted on, but the measurement from the dash to the rear end is right where it should be so I am thinking that the back of the body is sitting where it should be. That put the body about a half inch from the top of the wheel. I jacked the rear end up and took the weight off the shocks and cranked the spanners up about an inch and a half more. (From the bottom of the shock threads to the top of the spanner (Bottom of the spring) I have three and a half inches. That put the body about an inch and a half from the top of the tire.

How much room do I need between the top of the tire and the body? I don’t want to rub during bumps but the suspension is so stiff now I am not sure how much it will be moving. I stood on the back of the frame and tried to bounce and it did not move much at all.