So yesterday I finished the plumbing and plugged all the leaks in the cooling system. That mostly involved putting on a couple hose clamps on the short heater hose I am using to bypass the heater core.  Then putting a couple plugs in a couple holes in the heads.


With that done I started on finishing up the wiring and trying to turn the motor over.  I wired up the starter, the alternator, and the only two sensors on the car (Water temp and Oil Pressure).

I ran my hand up under the dash and connected the cable for the gauge cluster and got it plugged in too.  At least that way I will be able to see what the water temp and oil pressure are at. Now I am ready to see if the engine turns and if I can adjust the Carb float levels.

I turned the key and nothing!   Durh…  I forgot to put the fuses into the fuse block.  Not going to get much action with out them.

I found the diagram that shows what size fuse to use in each spot and got them into place.  I grabbed the key again and still nothing.  I made sured the battery shutoff was in the correct position and that the battery was actually connected.  Yes, everything appeared to be good. I was still getting nothing.  I grabbed my volt meter and was going to check for voltage at the starter and decided that I was going to start at the beginning.

I put the meter on the battery leads and bang…  1.7 volts.   What?!?  This is a new Red Top Optima battery that I had not even used. I put a charger on it and it kept going into fault mode. I could not put a charge on the battery either.  So I pulled the battery and went back to O’Reilly Auto and got it replaced. While there I did notice that the corner of the battery top had a small crack in it.  I don’t recall it being there before but they replaced it anyway.

When I got home it was getting late and hot so I just unloaded it and hopefully today when I get home from work I will be able to put some gas in the tank and get the carb adjusted.