So yesterday I got into the garage early and was looking forward to getting the motor started.  I put the battery close to the battery cables and connected it.  Well, first I tested the voltage and found around 12.5 volts, then I hooked it up.  Did not want to find and issue after putting it all together again.

Went around and turned on the key…  Nothing…  No Fuel pump noise or anything.  Then I noticed my power cut off was still off.  Turned it on and got my fuel pump noise I was looking for.  Turned off the key and dang it! My fuel pump was still running.

Figured it had to be the wiring so I started to trace it.  With the American Autowire the fuel pump power comes from the accessory feed plug. (Go Figure… It’s not with the rear body wires like the gas gauge and rear tail lights.)  I had the fuel pump wire plugged into 106 and not 103.  Once I moved it over the fuel pump worked as expected.



Now I turned the key to make sure the engine would turn over and got nothing but the hum of the fuel pump.  Sigh… Back to tracing wires again.

Happily it was the first place I looked, the neutral safety switch (NSS). With the shifter in park it was not closing the NSS so the start signal was never getting to the starter.

So now I had to pull a bunch of wires that were ran through the transmission cover and remove the cover.  I spent the next hour to hour and a half getting the shifter where it needed to be. Now I turn the key and the engine turns over.  Success!


Now I am finally able to get the carb adjusted and that much closer to starting. Except it was time to go in and shower up for church.  Had a great time at church and on the way home stopped and got some gas for the Hot Rod.  Got home and changed back into work clothes and got back to it.  I put gas in the tank and turned the key and got the fuel pump hum.  Grabbed the flash light and started looking for fuel leaks.



But wait…  There’s more!   There is no gas either.  I pulled the view port on the side of the carb and it is still bone dry.  OK, so I figure that maybe the two gallons of gas I put in the tank was not enough.  So I got the “Big can” of gas and headed back to the gas station. The can holds up to five gallons of gas and I filled ‘er up.


The can held the gas great but it was on the way home that I discovered that the handle (Which is part of the tank) has a split in it. Every time I hit my brakes or turned a corner it would splash out.  Sigh!  I wish I had not decided to take my wife’s Durango.  It did not lose very much gas and I tried to clean up the gas but apparently not enough.

I got a text message from an upset wife wanting to know why her truck smelled like gas.


Anyhow, I added probably around two more gallons of gas and tried it again.  Apparently with everything being dry, all the hoses, the pump and filter, it does not pull enough of a vacuum to prime the gravity feed.  Tonight when I get home from work I am going to try and pressurize the fuel tank and see if I can get some gas down to the pump.  For some folks this has worked and they never had problems again. Crossing the fingers.