I am a geek who has more hobbies than should be allowed.  I do a little bit of everything and working on cars is one of them.  My 1933 Hot rod is what I call a hobby car.   It’s a car that I own and work on but I don’t HAVE to have it running to survive.  If it sits for a year or two without running then so be it.  I love to work on cars when I don’t have to work on them.  In this case…  I get to work on it.

Current plans for the car include using the engine and transmission out of my 1989 Corvette.  Nice thing about the transmission in the Vette is it has been modified from the “Standard” 700R4 to allow the transmission to change into fourth gear during WOT.   I am also looking into changing the cam in the motor to something a bit more powerful.

If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to reach out to me.  You can send me an email to TDSapp At Att.Net.