Fitting the doors part II

So today I continued the work on fitting the doors into the door jam. This time I moved out side because I got way to much fiberglass dust in the garage. The biggest problem I have found so far is the door is so light you can’t put any weight on to it without it […]

Fitting the doors.

So this weekend I started working on the doors.  I first watched a couple YouTube videos and then got to work.  I put the marks on the body and then grabbed the Dremel tool with a cut off wheel and made the first cuts into the body. Kind of nerve wracking in cutting the body […]

Work Continues

Now that the wheels are on I have went back to work getting things put back onto the car.  I got the grill and radiator back onto the car and started getting some of the wiring back into place.    

Rolling Rolling Rolling, I have a roller!

  Work is still going. I had actually not worked on the car it’self in a while but after reading “I almost gave up” I went out and worked on the car last night after work. As I posted last time I pulled the motor once again to get a few things done. Well last […]

Mount Up

Went to Discount Tire over the weekend to have the tires mounted and balanced. The manager really did not want to do them for fear that something would happen to the wheels and he would have to replace them. But in the end he charged me more and I got them done. Cost me $250.00 […]

The Wheels are here.

  So FedEx showed up yesterday with the custom American Racing wheels.  One hundred and fifty four pounds of fun shipped in four boxes. Fronts – 18 X 8 Rears – 20 X 15            The coke can was added for scale.  🙂   I hope to have the tires put on […]

Forwards and backwards…

It seems that every time I get something done I have to un-do it.  This time it was the engine and exhaust being installed.  I figured out that the engine front assembly was not going to work.  I am going to have to get something else.  In measuring it I figured out that I was […]

Final Back orders are in

The final box from FFR has arrived.  It was the interior upholstery parts to include the water fall cover, door panels, arm rest, and center console. I have to say that I do like the looks of the new parts. While just setting them on the car they snapped right into place.       […]

Back to wiring

So I went back to wiring once the wheels were ordered.  I cut a small square of sheet metal and put a couple holes in it and then filed across it. I then drilled the four holes and mounted the cut-off switch on it.         Next step was to drill a larger […]

Wheels Ordered

So it has been a while but I have gotten some work done on it.  I pulled the body off the saw horses and got it onto the frame.      I clamped it to the firewall and then measured the dash to the cowl and set it at the required 45.5″. I put the spacers […]

A little closer on the wiring

I got a little closer to completing the wiring under the dash. The ignition, light switch, dimmer petal, and gauge control unit are all done now. I think the only thing I have left under the dash is the AC unit and the brake switch.             I did get the […]

A long working weekend

This weekend the weather was awesome, versus being 98 or higher.  I was able to get into the garage and work on the Hot Rod both Saturday and Sunday for quite a while. The first thing I worked on was the wiring and figuring out where to mount it.  A quick trip to Lowes got […]

The tires are here.

I did a little surfing yesterday and found some deals.  I was going to wait and buy the tires later with the wheels but the deals were on time limits. So, went and picked up some Micky Thompson tires at Summit Racing last night.  Glad I waited and took the Durango as I don’t think […]

Back to wiring

I got back to the wiring now that I have the body on hand. When we set the body on the frame I saw right away that I was going to have to move my fuse box. The body was sitting on it and it was showing. So I unscrewed it from the frame and […]

Exhausting Work

Since I got my Stage 2 delivery I could start work on one of the major parts I had been waiting on, the exhaust.  And yes, I did go back and flip the muffler over so the tip was not so far out.     The Factory Five exhaust is all stainless steel and is […]