The tires are here.

I did a little surfing yesterday and found some deals.  I was going to wait and buy the tires later with the wheels but the deals were on time limits. So, went and picked up some Micky Thompson tires at Summit Racing last night.  Glad I waited and took the Durango as I don’t think […]

Back to wiring

I got back to the wiring now that I have the body on hand. When we set the body on the frame I saw right away that I was going to have to move my fuse box. The body was sitting on it and it was showing. So I unscrewed it from the frame and […]

Exhausting Work

Since I got my Stage 2 delivery I could start work on one of the major parts I had been waiting on, the exhaust.  And yes, I did go back and flip the muffler over so the tip was not so far out.     The Factory Five exhaust is all stainless steel and is […]

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday stage 2 for my Hot Rod was delivered by FFR and Stewart Transport.  This shipment had some of the big parts like the body, doors, trunk, exhaust and several other things.  A fellow FFR builder came over and helped me get the car to the drive way and then on to the frame.  It […]

Lokar Shifter is done.

  So I have had the shifter for a while now and just now got it put into place.  This is the Lokar  ATS6700AN which is the Nostalgia Shifter designed for the 700R4 transmission. It has a mount that bolts to the tail shaft bolts of the transmission and a couple brackets on the side the […]

Ceramic Insulation Part 2

  I got up this morning while the weather was a bit cooler.  I started my day by grabbing the floor panels and firewalls and pulling the tape that was under the sound control spray and the ceramic hear insulation.  I did this so the sheet metal will rest right on the frame and not […]

Ceramic Heat insulation

I had to get up early early on Sunday morning, up at like 5 a.m., so the crew could get here and replace a failed AC unit at the house. So I went outside and worked in the garage since it was just as hot inside. (It was up to 82 in the morning when […]

More on the headlights

As promised I did get some additional pictures of the headlights. They are a Union Pacific combo unit with LED turn signals and parking lights built in. That way I don’t have to have more lights mounted on the cars front end. The buckets had to be modified because the lights are not made for […]

Stage 2 ordered and work goes on

So we ordered stage 2 at the first of June and it is scheduled to be completed on July 28th. Stewart Transport has said that they are planning to pick up on July 30th to Aug 3rd and delivery will then be 7 to 10 days.  It just depends on what order they go onto […]

Carb Converted and Rebuilt

So I decided to rebuild the carburetor that my dad gave me and also to convert it. The carburetor is a Holley 4160 which has vacuum secondaries and two float bowls with fuel inlets. The 4160 only has one metering block and for the secondaries it uses a metering plate. This metering plate only allows […]

Getting the bling

So I drove over to Summit Racing and picked up a new alternator because the one I had looked old and was not chrome.  While I was there I went ahead and picked up a new adjusting rod so I could get it closer to the valve cover and not so far out of the […]

Brackets going in

So I finally gave up on trying to get the stock brackets to work for me. I bought a set of brackets that did not work and took them back and ordered a couple March Performance brackets from Summit Racing. This is the AC bracket and compressor and as you can see it does not […]

Wires Everywhere!

Yeah, there are wires everywhere.  I mounted the fuse box to the left of the steering wheel but it might have to change before the body goes on.  I think it might stick out about an inch to far and will not clear the dash.  But it is close to where it will be mounted […]

Back to work

After Dad passed away I found it hard to go out and work on the hot rod. I was trying to get it going so I could take him for a ride before he passed.  I got depressed after trying to work on it and having a problem and my first thought was to call […]

Dangerous Curves Ahead

  A thread started and updated by Dan Ruth on building the 33 Hot Rod.   This is one of the threads that is always suggested reading when starting a Hot Rod Build.   Download here > Dangerous Curves Ahead