A few more steps forward

So after pulling the motor, putting the motor back in and pulling it again, I finally got the torque converter to seat properly. After having set the valve lash I also went ahead and sealed up the valve covers with the gasket.           I got the motor back in and installed […]

One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back

  So on Sunday the motor was in and the headers on and everything was looking good until I tried to turn the crank. It would not move. I figured it was the torque converter (TC) not being seated and started to pull the motor again. So, I had to pull the headers, the distributor, […]

Headers are on, soon to be off.

So yesterday I got to install the Summit Racing headers that came in. I also installed the pugs and plug wires to see how everything was going to look. I bought the black non-High temp painted headers because the ones that are powder coated lost their warranty if used for breaking in a motor. I […]

For want of brackets

I wanted to start mounting everything on front of the motor so I could finally get it started.  I started digging thought all of the brackets I removed from the Vette before pulling the motor.  I could not find any brackets for the alternator. I went back and looked at the pictures I took before […]

Spark Plug Wires

  I finally found a set of wire looms that I liked and that fit the center bolt valve covers.  So I got them mounted and the stabbed the distributor and started fitting the plug wires. Once I got here I took the pictures and then put the ends and boots on the other end […]

Transmission In and Floor pans drilled.

On Sunday I started feeling well enough to get back to work on the Hot Rod. I marked where the bolts needed to be and moved the transmission over and drilled them out. I got them wrong the first time and had to open up the bolt holes to get them right.  Finally got them […]

Transmission in – For now

Last night I pulled out the welder and gave welding a shot.  It’s not a great looking weld but it is holding and should work great.  After letting it cool and wire brushing it I gave it a few good whacks with a hammer.  It is a solid weld and I can’t hear any changes […]

Rear Brakes Installed

I was searching on the web for a good price on rear brakes and came across a deal I could not pass up.   I was originally thinking about going with O’reilly’s Auto because they had calipers for about $62.00 each. But there was a $50.00 core charge with each one and I don’t have anything […]

Transmission Mount

Started working on a new transmission mount over the weekend.  It is required due to the transmission of the ’89 Corvette has a shorter tail shaft and has a different mounting method.   So I cut this one from some 1/4″ steel plate. I will have to have someone come and do some welding for me […]

New tools for me! :-)

This Christmas everyone gave me money for the Hot Rod instead of trying to figure out what I wanted.  So I used the first of it to get a new tool.   So there you have it…  My first welder!   I picked up a MIG\Wire welder at the Chinese Slave labor Tool Company (Harbor Freight).   It’s […]

Rear Axle cut away for Shocks

Yesterday I put the rear shocks back on after cutting down the mounts to clear the spring. This is required when using the QA1 shocks instead of the Konis. I also went to put the end on the braided lines for the transmission lines only to find I really need to have some new tools.  […]

The motor is in

Last night I pulled out the transmission and cleaned it up with some de-greaser. It took a while to get all the oil and power steering fluid off of it from all the leaks the 89 Vette had. Once cleaned and blown dry I bolted it to the motor and got it on to the […]

Engine is done… Mostly

So last night I picked up the front seal and the flywheel bolts on the way home.  I got them installed which allowed me to finish buttoning up the motor. The only thing really left now is the valve covers and the thermostat housing.  Nothing that will stop me from bolting on the transmission and […]

Engine Nearly Done

Had a great weekend and got some things completed. First as I posted above I figured out the connecting rod issue. After that was done I was able to get the heads on. So on Saturday I was able to get the new Oil pump and windage tray and rear main seal all put on. […]