Frame Painted

So this weekend I took on the task of getting the frame painted. I decided on blue as we know there will be blue on the body somewhere some how but not the exact paint job.  So this is a good start.   It may all come off later if I decide to get it […]

It’s my birthday!

So today is my 50th birthday and I can think of no better way of celebrating it than to start some real work on the Hot Rod.  At least more work than just pulling things out of boxes and looking at them. I stopped by the store and picked up a few more supplies and […]

Slowly I turned (the wrench)

  So things are moving slowly.   I have only had a chance to spend working on the car part of a day.  I laid out everything I have for the front suspension. I was going to start putting everything together and got the lower control arms built.  Then I decided that I was going […]

Starting to pull the motor

The donor car for my 33 Hot Rod is a 1989 Corvette.  I have owned this car since 2004 and figured it would be easier to use the motor and transmission out of this car than to buy them new. I have started to get it ready to pull by removing the belt and starting […]

Cleaning the Garage

So after the inventory on Sunday and most of Monday we cleaned on the garage more.  My wife really really wanted some of the shelves cleaned off and things moved around so we did.  I also built the sand blasting cabinet that has been sitting in the box for the last 4 months or so. […]

It’s here!

On Saturday Jerry showed up with the FFR semi and delivered my hot rod.  Here is the customary photo of the delivery truck getting ready to unload my car.   We got the frame and the boxes all into the garage. On Sunday my wife and I inventoried all of the boxes and just about […]

I love my wife!

  So while at Lowe’s the other day my wife stopped me to look at some tool boxes.  She said she thought I needed a new one and my birthday was coming up.  It’s not like she has not given me anything recently…  I mean she did let me order the Hot Rod to begin […]

My build thread.

It has started, my Hot Rod has been completed and is on the truck en route to the house. Below here is a photo that Factory Five took for me of the car chassis in the jig getting welded up.  It has been a long time coming as I have been thinking about getting this […]