Rear Brakes Installed

I was searching on the web for a good price on rear brakes and came across a deal I could not pass up.   I was originally thinking about going with O’reilly’s Auto because they had calipers for about $62.00 each. But there was a $50.00 core charge with each one and I don’t have anything […]

Flipping Fun

  Had to flip the shocks on the hot rod over for clearance reasons.   They were so close when inverted that the springs would have been hitting each other when hitting bumps.  I also had to turn the tuning knob to the outside because the other way would have had the knobs hitting. The […]

Work Continues

  Yesterday after work I fixed the break lines.   I had thought that the way they were ran was going to be in the way of the floor pan but I was wrong.  Even still, I think it is better to have them running this way and out of the cabin space together.   […]

Break lines going in, and coming out

  I started on the break lines yesterday only to discover today, while looking at the photos, that the line for the rear breaks will have to come out.  I ended up running it where the line will be in the way of the floor pan. I have read that the body does not hit […]

Front end almost there.

So yesterday I did not sleep well so I got up and went to work early…  Real early, which means I was able to leave work early and work on the Hot Rod when I got home.  I was able to get the front brakes mounted and the steering rack and tie rod ends all […]