Front end getting closer

I was able to work on the front end again last night. Got the control arms on, grease zerks put on and then I put the spindles and hubs on.  None of the control arms bolts are torqued, but all of the bolts connected to the  spindle are.  I am going to pick up a […]

Frame Painted

So this weekend I took on the task of getting the frame painted. I decided on blue as we know there will be blue on the body somewhere some how but not the exact paint job.  So this is a good start.   It may all come off later if I decide to get it […]

It’s my birthday!

So today is my 50th birthday and I can think of no better way of celebrating it than to start some real work on the Hot Rod.  At least more work than just pulling things out of boxes and looking at them. I stopped by the store and picked up a few more supplies and […]