Mount Up

Went to Discount Tire over the weekend to have the tires mounted and balanced. The manager really did not want to do them for fear that something would happen to the wheels and he would have to replace them. But in the end he charged me more and I got them done. Cost me $250.00 […]

The Wheels are here.

  So FedEx showed up yesterday with the custom American Racing wheels.  One hundred and fifty four pounds of fun shipped in four boxes. Fronts – 18 X 8 Rears – 20 X 15            The coke can was added for scale.  🙂   I hope to have the tires put on […]

Wheels Ordered

So it has been a while but I have gotten some work done on it.  I pulled the body off the saw horses and got it onto the frame.      I clamped it to the firewall and then measured the dash to the cowl and set it at the required 45.5″. I put the spacers […]

A long working weekend

This weekend the weather was awesome, versus being 98 or higher.  I was able to get into the garage and work on the Hot Rod both Saturday and Sunday for quite a while. The first thing I worked on was the wiring and figuring out where to mount it.  A quick trip to Lowes got […]

The tires are here.

I did a little surfing yesterday and found some deals.  I was going to wait and buy the tires later with the wheels but the deals were on time limits. So, went and picked up some Micky Thompson tires at Summit Racing last night.  Glad I waited and took the Durango as I don’t think […]