The motor is out!

So we finally got some cooler weather and I was able to work on the car this weekend longer than I have before. I got everything off the motor and trans and pushed the engine lift into place.  I got the chain on the heads and put some lift onto the motor to allow me […]

Getting Close to pulling the motor

  Over the weekend I worked on getting the Vette motor ready to come out.   I have it now where it is six bolts away from coming out.  The four across the top of the motor and transmission and the two motor mount bolts. Then it is going to take a ton of cleaning. […]


Working on getting the motor out of the Vette and had some disappointing results.   I had to remove the valve covers to be able to get part of the fuel injection off the motor.  As soon as I pulled the first cover I saw that the motor has standard rockers.  I was under the […]

Donor Engine

Went back to pulling the engine from the ’89 Vette yesterday.   Pulled the alternator and part of the fuel injection off the car. Biggest problem is trying to remove bolts from a 28 year old car when the bolts have never been removed before.   Some of them I have shot with WD-40 and […]

Starting to pull the motor

The donor car for my 33 Hot Rod is a 1989 Corvette.  I have owned this car since 2004 and figured it would be easier to use the motor and transmission out of this car than to buy them new. I have started to get it ready to pull by removing the belt and starting […]