So while at Lowe’s the other day my wife stopped me to look at some tool boxes.  She said she thought I needed a new one and my birthday was coming up.  It’s not like she has not given me anything recently…  I mean she did let me order the Hot Rod to begin with and that is quite the financial commitment.  I found one that I liked and the price was great.  As in it was $300 less than the same tool boxes with different colors.  I finally found one close to us and went and bought it on Monday.


It was too big to fit into the Durango and WAY to big to fit into my Challenger. So I ended up having to go to Home Depot and rent a truck to get it home.  I got everything unpacked only to find that the base has a big dent in it.  I called Lowe’s and on Friday they are sending a truck to drop off a replacement and to pick up this one.   I went ahead and put the casters on the base so I could get it out of the middle of my garage.  I also had my neighbor come over and help me lift the top onto the base.  DANG that is heavy!


All of the drawers have high capacity slides with the slow closing feature. That means each drawer can handle 99 pounds and when it gets to about one inch from closing it slows down and gently closes itself.  The base and the top also have power strips on the side of it.  They both have three electrical outlets and two USB outlets.


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