Taking the Rear end apart

Yesterday I started off my day by pulling the rear end out and putting it on some stands out in the driveway.  I pulled the cover to confirm that this is a TracLoc rear end, which is what Ford calls their limited slip gear set. I then pulled the break bracket, rotor, and dust shield […]

Rear End Found

So I finally found a rear end from a Mustang GT and went and picked it up yesterday.   It’s a four link with a 3.27 gear ratio.  It also had the break mounts and rotors on it but I may end up replacing both of them with something larger.      

No time but new parts

  No time to work on the car yesterday but I did get some new parts. UPS showed up and delivered the adjustable rear control arms for a four link rear end.   Now I just need to find the rear end. These parts will allow me to adjust the position of the rear end. […]

Getting the Gas Going

  Started on the fuel tank yesterday.   Got it into place and the mounts drilled and then put in the sheet metal that goes under it and got it drilled as well.           Center of the tank the tank with the hose attached to it is the vent.  Next to […]

Flipping Fun

  Had to flip the shocks on the hot rod over for clearance reasons.   They were so close when inverted that the springs would have been hitting each other when hitting bumps.  I also had to turn the tuning knob to the outside because the other way would have had the knobs hitting. The […]

Work Continues

  Yesterday after work I fixed the break lines.   I had thought that the way they were ran was going to be in the way of the floor pan but I was wrong.  Even still, I think it is better to have them running this way and out of the cabin space together.   […]