Yesterday I started off my day by pulling the rear end out and putting it on some stands out in the driveway.  I pulled the cover to confirm that this is a TracLoc rear end, which is what Ford calls their limited slip gear set.

I then pulled the break bracket, rotor, and dust shield off the rear end.  All of this was to allow me to pull the axles out of the rear end.




Next I pulled the center pin out of the spider gears and pressed in the axles to clear the c-clip on the end of the axles.  I pulled the clips which allowed me to pull the axles from the housing.  Then I put the pin back in place.

I pulled the axles because I knew the axle shaft seals were leaking and needed to be replaced.  When I pulled them I figured that with the bearings being right there I might as well replace them too.



When I left to go to work today I noticed that the front pinion seal was leaking as well.  So today I ordered a new pinion seal, two new axle bearings and new axle seals.  I would be installing them tonight but we have our church small group meeting tonight so I will not have the time.