Cam Shaft bought and ready

Before we went on our trip last week I went by Summit and picked up the cam and lifters for the motor. I bought a Comp Camshaft which is the Xtreme Energy XR276HR. After talking with Comp they say that this should give me the choppy idle that I am looking for. Here are the […]

Motor Work

So this weekend I started off working on the motor. This was the first thing that I had to contend with. One of the fly wheel bolts rounded off.   I had to drill it out to be able to get the flywheel off the crank.         I have decided to just replace […]

Wires Everywhere!

So even though I don’t yet have a method of mounting the fuse box I still wanted to start on the wiring. At least get things ran where they need to be and put into a wire loom. I hung the fuse box using some cable ties in the location where it is normally mounted.  This […]

Air Conditioner

Started on the AC yesterday and got the evaporator installed.  This is a Classic Auto Air unit and is one of the universal applications.  It is the Street Rod Cooler III and includes everything needed to put AC on the car, including the compressor.

Cooling System Part 1

I started working on the cooling system yesterday as well.   It all starts with that super cool grill!  I love the looks of the 33 Ford grill.  You mount the AC condenser to the radiator and then the radiator gets mounted to the grill.         The condenser is a tight fit but the […]

More Wire Harness

I opened up the new wire harness yesterday and was going to start running some wires.  What I figured out really quick though was I do not have a sheet metal plate to mount it to.   Apparently when you tell Factory Five to delete the wire harness they also delete the sheet metal.  So […]

My wire harness.

  My wire harness has came in.   It is an American Autowire setup that I got via Dan Ruth.  Besides the wire harness he suggested another ignition switch and lock cylinder.       Wire Harness $290.00 ( Universal Gauge harness $75.00 (…on-harness-kit) Ignition Switch $34.00 (…on-switch-5049) Lock Cylinder and Keys $19.00 (…-cylinder-keys)    

Check out my rear end.

This has been a productive weekend.  Finally found the correct seals for the axles and got them installed.  Installed a new pinion seal as well. I then painted the rear end, put on the break mount, installed the axles, added the gear oil and put on the new chrome differential cover.       While […]

My Favorite Accessory!

So there you have it…  My Favorite Accessory for the Hot Rod to date.  While growing up I have always loved the look of the big hot rod scoop with the three red butterflies opening with the throttle. This weekend was the grand opening of Summit Racing over in Arlington. I found out at the […]

New parts and a little rear end work.

So this weekend was the Good-Guys car show at the Texas Motor Speedway and it was great.  Go to talk to several street rod owners and got a ton of pictures which I may post later. Spent some time and money in one of the vendor buildings and found a cheap steering wheel and adapter […]