So we ordered stage 2 at the first of June and it is scheduled to be completed on July 28th. Stewart Transport has said that they are planning to pick up on July 30th to Aug 3rd and delivery will then be 7 to 10 days.  It just depends on what order they go onto the truck and where the deliveries have to go.

But in the mean time the work must go on. I prepped the sheet metal last week and have had them ready for shooting on the sound control (SC) layer.  This is a product called Lizard Skin and I actually have a second part from them which is for heat control.


The heat shield (CI) is a ceramic insulation and gets applied after the sound control.   I am going to have both the SC and CI on the top and bottom of the floor pans and the inside of the foot box metal.  This should provide the most heat and sound protection for the Hot Rod.


While waiting on that to dry I started on the wiring for the head lights. This was another fun task as none of the connectors that came with the headlights would work with the wiring on the car.  So I am going to have to “Make something work”.   First I cut off the connectors and some of the extra wire from the harness and crimped them into the headlights.

Then I discovered that the bolt that holds the headlights to the mount and pass the wires through were too small for the wires. I pulled out the drill and had to drill them larger.

That process took quite a while and I ended up ruining the drill bit when I let it get to hot.


Then I had to cut part of the head light bucket because the stock tabs on the bucket would not let me adjust the headlights. I did not want to have the integrated turn signals turned at a wonky angle. So out with the grinder and some time to cut new slots\tabs into the buckets.

Once all of that was done I mounted the lights and did a bit of an alignment to get them pointed straight.  Sorry about the bad photo here on the left.  There was just to much light behind the work and my phone would not adjust for it. I will try and get a better photo later.

Today I am going to drop by Tanner Electronics and see if they have any connectors that I can use for the light wiring.