I got up this morning while the weather was a bit cooler.  I started my day by grabbing the floor panels and firewalls and pulling the tape that was under the sound control spray and the ceramic hear insulation.  I did this so the sheet metal will rest right on the frame and not on the sprayed on surfaces.


This is the passenger side foot box and it too was sprayed the same as the floor pans.  The four holes are for the A/C and heater lines.






Once I got the tape pulled I went ahead and put them into place.  This was really done to get them out of the way because the body is being delivered THIS WEDNESDAY!  So for now I will just be placing the body onto the frame until I get it where I can store it for a little bit.


I don’t want to rivet on the floor pans or mount the body until I am a little further on with the parts that come with the body.  Things like the exhaust which will be easier to put on without the body and floor pans.

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